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Our team of 18 digital marketing professionals successfully manage an annual advertising budget of ~7-8 million USD
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Marketing Consultation Services
Marketing Consultation
Find the right way with us to reach your customers
Website Development
Website and Landing Page
Amazing website designs optimized for high conversion rate
SEO Services
Search Engine Optimization
Full service SEO solution to reach higher ranking on search engines
Google Ads Management
Google Ads account management
Professional paid advertising on Google Ads
PPC Management
PPC Advertising
Visual and audiovisual PPC ads on thousands of websites and mobile applications
Social Media Management
Social Media Marketing
Social media communication and advertising on the most popular platforms
Branding Services
Get more valuable customers with a strong brand and professional appearance
Marketing Analysis
Analysis, Reporting
All-In-One marketing reports with data visualization technology
Content Marketing
Content Marketing
Copywriting and content creating to boost your brand and website
Creative Design Services
Creative Design
Design solutions for marketing campaigns
Facebook Business Management
Facebook Page and Ad Management
Effective Facebook communication with outstanding creatives and ads
Instagram Ad Management
Instagram advertising
Content and ad management on Instagram

M21 cabincrew

Nótin Szabolcs
Szabolcs Nótin
Baka Norbert
Norbert Baka
Head of PPC
Fucsku Dávid
Dávid Fucsku
Design Team Lead
Zoltán Eszter
Eszter Zoltán
SEO & Content Marketing Specialist
Németh Regina
Regina Németh
Performance Marketing Specialist
Kovács Ágnes
Ágnes Kovács
Executive Assistant
Füzi Áron
Áron Füzi
Visual Designer
Boda István
István Boda
SEO & Content Marketing Specialist
Bondici Bea
Bea Bondici
SEO & Content Marketing Specialist
Sörényi Nóra
Nóra Sörényi
Visual Designer
Kiss Fanni
Fanni Kiss
Performance Marketing Specialist
Borókai Máté
Máté Borókai
Performance Marketing Specialist
Tóth Bonita
Bonita Tóth
Performance Marketing Specialist
Makó Zsuzsanna
Zsuzsanna Makó
Performance Marketing Specialist
Hidegh Ádám
Ádám Hidegh
Performance Marketing Specialist
Haskó Anikó
Anikó Haskó
Visual Designer

Using online marketing solutions, we increase our clients’ revenue in Hungary and around the globe.

Marketing21 is an innovative digital marketing agency. We provide high-quality, 21st-century digital marketing services. We combine the analytical perspective necessary for successful PPC advertising and campaign management with all the capabilities of creative agencies.

Though our headquarter is in Budapest, our services are equally accessible both in Hungary and abroad. We handle international campaigns, mainly in CEE, DACH and English-speaking regions.

Whether you need help with branding, designing a landing page, Facebook advertising, Google Ads (AdWords) campaigns or other digital marketing solutions, Marketing21 is exactly the reliable partner that you are looking for.

Online Marketing Solutions


3 billion
HUF managed advertising per year
satisfied clients
purchased clicks per day

Markets we Love

Real estate
B2B Marketing Solutions

B2B marketing

The online marketing challenges of B2B (business-to-business) companies are special. In the business services sector, we advertise to a narrow target audience, and CPC costs are typically high.

We develop advertising solutions tailored to the unique needs of the B2B target audience. The aim is to show the ad only to those who are decision makers in the given area and there is a good chance that they will ask for an offer or place an order.

HR Advertising

Recruitment and employer branding

The growing amount of vacant positions is huge challenge nowdays. If a company cannot find and retain talent, it wont be able to grow. The goal of our employer branding campaigns is to make the brand famous and recognized on the employment market, while recruitment ads are aimed at those who may be suitable for a specific position.

Together, the two tools enable the HR department to cope with today's labor market challenges. Thanks to the employer branding, employees will be more committed, and job seekers will submit their applications to vacant positions at a higher rate.

With the help of Marketing21 online marketing agency, your team will solve HR challenges easily.

Tourism Marketing

Tourism and hotel marketing

Tourism and hospitality is a special area within online marketing. The booking decisions are complex as the customers are subject to countless impulses. At Marketing21, we have more than 7 years of experience in the field, and over the years, we have had the opportunity to work with hotel chains, independent hotels and travel agencies from the premium to the boutique segment.

If the goal is to get more guest nights or more bookings, we will show the best available digital marketing tools and our experts will implement them to fit your needs.

If you want to increase the number of reservations and the rates, contact us today!

Healthcare Marketing

Private healthcare marketing

Health marketing is subject to special rules both domestically and internationally. These projects require special attention, since advertising systems may reject campaigns or suspend ad accounts.

Our advertising management colleagues have deep knowledge on the advertising policies of Google Ads, Meta, TikTok or even LinkedIn, so you do not have to worry that the campaigns will stop working. In addition, thanks to our experience gained in recent years, we quickly understand the special communication needs of the market. Our copywriters help you prepare content that can build trust.

Projects we have worked on in recent years: plastic surgeries, dentistry, oral surgery, dental tourism, private medical service providers.

Real Estate Marketing

Real estate

We have been lucky to work on several successful real estate projects in recent years. We supported the leasing and sale of industrial properties with advertisements, we work on lead generation campaigns for office buildings and sales campaigns for large-scale development projects.

Our goal is to understand the client's goals: we assess who the ideal customer is and build campaigns that not only bring leads in series, but also focus on lead quality.

We understand that the biggest challenge in the real estate profession is to have enough inquiries. We help customers with this, so salespeople can perform their tasks more easily and quickly.

Consturiction Marketing


We often see that construction companies neglect marketing tasks. However, it is no longer possible to build a large and stable company in this market with outdated websites, or without branding and advertising. We are convinced that it is a huge competitive advantage if a construction company builds conscious marketing processes.

If you have a construction business or a company that sells construction products, contact us and we will help you find the most effective marketing tools!

Why should you choose Marketing21 digital marketing agency?

Free website analytics

We believe that a marketing agency is fair if it provides full transparency. That is why we provide free web analytics, updated every 4 hours.

360-degree solutions

It is no longer necessary to organize 3-4 different marketing providers. One professional team will support you in strategy, development, content and advertising.

Three months trial period

It only makes sense to work together if all parties enjoy it. For this reason, we do not sign contracts with a strict notice period, and we even provide a three-month trial for a stress-free start.

Agency with a stable background

We have been operating for 7 years and currently support 90+ customers. If you entrust us with the implementation of marketing tools, the campaigns will be in safe hands.

Google Partner Advertising Agency

We are proud to take part in Google’s partner program, and of the fact that Marketing21 has earned the status of Google Partner Agency.

In addition, we work continuously to keep our knowledge up to date, as well as to expand our technical skills, through Google Skillshop.

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